As i practice i gradually move from practicing yoga into being in a state of connection, into being yoga. This has gradually emerged on me, infusing all i am, all i do, all i do not do. I am far from perfect, as you can imagine, at many levels. The challenges appear often and keep me on the path, or at least so i think. However, life gradually and consistently takes a different form, a different experience of beingness, if that makes any sense, and the whole idea of Heaven on Earth actually makes sense to me know, not as some abstract idealized concept of a perfect place, but as an internal state of being that ends up being reflected on how I see, move and experience life right here, right know.

So, my purpose is to assist you to be yoga and i love bees in all their living symbolism, hence the play with words.

My main indirect influence in yoga both as a tool for my personal development and on my role as a teacher is Krishnamacharya. I have studied from some of his direct students, and read extensively from his work. He was for me one of the main pillars for yoga as it is today both in India and in the west. My most direct influence has been Paul Harvey a student himself of Desikachar, which i had the pleasure of studying with during a retreat in England during my first steps in yoga.  I have now been practicing yoga for 20 years.

When i started with yoga practice it was all about the postures, the physical aspect, i loved it. Thankfully I was guided gradually on a deeper direction. Today my classes are a combination of postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), and the meditation process. We often use simple sound work as well.

The Group classes follow a more general format and progression with plenty of space for individual adaptations according to skill level.

On individual sessions i work according to the starting point of each person, their potential and were they wish to go. So each practice is as unique as the person doing it and may include nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Yoga practices usually take one of three general directions:

  • Yoga for personal development – focusing on developing physical and/or mental skills and capacities
  • Yoga for mental stability and inner exploration
  • Yoga therapy
    • Yoga Therapy is treating a person that has challenges. These challenges may be physical, mental, emotional, energetic or/and spiritual. Specific techniques and principles of yoga & ayurveda are used to develop an individualized course of treatment to assist the individual. Although treatments vary considerably, usually there is a practice that the individual takes home to “take/apply” for specific period. The practice will vary according to individual constitution, level of the problems, life style, ability, likes & dislikes, spiritual beliefs, and many more variables. The treatments/practice always requires some sort of action which may include some adapted movements/positions, breathing, sound work, meditations, lifestyle changes, application of philosophical principles. Practices are always within the capability of the individual and by mutual agreement.

We often organize workshops to develop philosophical knowledge directly applied to day-to-day living and explore deeper aspects of the practice at different levels, usually with a variety of techniques.

If you have read this far you may actually be interested in studying yoga more deeply, in which case i would propose my Yoga Mentoring program. It is quite simple actually, i guide you as you learn the different yoga techniques, their application and experience their effect. We will use the yoga sutras as a guide for establishing a deep experiential knowledge of life. This guidance is individual, we will work one-to-one, and so the pace of the learning depends on your personal progression. It can be done as a combination of contact time in person and through skype (or equivalent).  This type of study requires dedication for regular self-practice and self-study as directed. If you are interested and would like to know more feel free to contact me to talk.

If after all these you are still reading Great! I have a gift for you! Send me a message about yourself on the contacts page of this site (general characteristics and what would you like your yoga practice to help you with) and i will design a yoga practice for you together with my Kriya Yoga workbook for free. If i feel i need more information in order to design your practice appropriately, i will contact you directly through the e-mail you give me.

Don´t just practice yoga bee yoga.