on Love & Miracles

What is a Miracle?

A Miracle can be an expression of Love, an act coming from an internal place of Love that is a service to another being.

This service creates a shift in perception in the being receiving the act of Love. This shift is from horizontal to vertical awareness and creates a greater experience of Love then it was committed, in both beings.

For this to be possible we must be in a state in which we are experiencing Love. In this state we naturally become aware of acts of service that we can perform for others.

It then becomes important to be aware of which acts of Love are appropriate to perform and which are not.

From this centered and whole internal place of Love we can ask for guidance and then decide which path to take.

Inspired by A Course In Miracles & Bhakti Yoga

Tenho a chávena vazia?

Quando esvazio a mente como quem esvazia uma chávena de chá. Eu limpo-a, eu oriento-a para a Origem, e eu deixo que a Origem a encha. Senão o fizer, como posso sentir-me inspirado? Se a minha chávena está cheia com as ideias e medos da minha superficial mente, do meu ego, como posso eu ouvir o coração, a intuição, a orientação Divina? Praticando eu concentro-me, mantendo a concentração eu crio o espaço, e no vazio eu sou preenchido com sabedoria profunda e orientação. Eu pratico, eu sou, e eu sei que tudo está bem.

Is my cup empty?

When I practice I empty my mind, like emptying a cup of tea, I clean it, I direct it towards the Source and allow Source to fill it up. Otherwise how can I be inspired? If my cup is full with the ideas/fears of my superficial mind/ego, how can I hear my heart, my intuition, my Divine guidance? By practicing I focus, by focusing I empty, by emptying I am filled with deep wisdom and guidance. I practice, I am, and I know that all is well.

Γιόγκα για Καθημερινή Αποκατασταση – Yoga for Daily Recovery

06/04/2019, 10:00 – 11:30, Yoga Masterclass

(English translation below)

Αυτή είναι μια πρακτική που μου διδαξε ο δάσκαλός μου (Paul Harvey) και ονομάζεται Vinyasa Pratikryasana.

Είναι μια σύντομη ακολουθία γιόγκα επικεντρωμένη στην αποκατασταση από τις δυσκολιες της καθημερινής ζωής.

Στασεις, κινήσεις, αναπνοή και χαλάρωση.
Κατάλληλο για αρχάριους και άτομα με σωματικές προκλήσεις που μπορούν να γονατίζουν και να ξαπλωνουν στη πλατη τους.

Θα βιώσετε την πρακτική και το αποτέλεσμά της, επαναλαμβάνοντας τις στάσεις αρκετές φορές, με την βοήθειά μου, για να εξασφαλίσετε μια ευχάριστη και αποτελεσματική μαθησιακή εμπειρία.

Θα λάβετε ένα αντίγραφο της πρακτικής έτσι ώστε να μπορείτε να το κάνετε στο σπίτι.

Η τιμή είναι 15 € και περιορίζεται σε 6 άτομα.

This is a practice taught to me by my teacher (Paul Harvey) called Vinyasa Pratikryasana.
It is a short yoga sequence focused on recovering from the struggles of daily life.
Postures, movements, breathing and relaxation.
Appropriate for complete beginners and individuals with physical challenges that can kneel and lie on their back.
You will experience the practice and its effect, repeating the postures several times with my assistance to ensure a pleasant and effective learning experience.
You will receive a copy of the practice so you can do it at home.

Price is 15€ and it is limited to 6 people.

To reserve a place please send me a message.

Easter Yoga in Crete, Greece

April 12th to 14th (3 days)
April 19th to 21st (3 days)
April 8th to 14th (7 days)
April 15th to 21st (7 days)

Open to only three people (not complete beginners) per group/dates.

These are Yoga Coaching Retreats were I will be able to give you the appropriate support within the intimacy of a very small group setting. Personal boundaries are respected and adjustments are gentle and effective. Due to the nature of these retreats I will not work with standard class programs. Each practice and teachings shared will be largely determined by the participants.

The Three days Retreats include three Yoga Sessions of three hours each. The Seven days Retreats include seven Yoga Sessions of two hours each. The Yoga Sessions will include asana, pranayama, dharana-dhyana, chanting and yoga sutra (at least…).

The classes follow the tradition of Krishnamacharya as passed down by his son Desikachar and my teacher Paul Harvey (the viniyoga of yoga approach), with influences from my own background in Exercise Science and studies in several other relevant areas (eg. Happiness, Movement, Philosophy, Spirituality).

Classes are in the morning giving you the day to enjoy the many local beaches (one of them within 2 minutes walking distance) and the town of Agios Nikolaos (we are located within the town). Traditional restaurants and small Hotels are within walking distance from the Yoga Shala. 
I would love to talk to you to explain any details you would like clarified. For that send me a message here. If you would like to talk directly with me send me a message to organize a time.

The price for the 3 days Retreats is: 175€ – This price includes only Yoga tuition.
Book until the 5th of April and pay only 150€ (valid for the dates of 12th to the 14th of April).

Book until the 14th of April and pay only 150€ (valid for the dates of 19th to the 21st of April).

The price for the 7 days Retreats is: 350€ – This price includes only Yoga tuition.
Book until the 1st of April and pay only 297€ (valid for the dates of 8th to the 14th of April)

Book until the 8th of April and pay only 297€ (valid for the dates of 15th to the 21st of April)

Reserve your place now by sending me a message!

Ήχος στην πρακτική της Γιόγκα – Εισαγωγή (Sound in Yoga)

(Please scroll down for English translation)

Μια εισαγωγή στη χρήση του ήχου στην πρακτική της γιόγκα.

Ο ήχος έχει ισχυρή επίδραση στο σώμα και το μυαλό μας και όταν χρησιμοποιείται σωστά είναι ένα εξαιρετικό εργαλείο στην πορεία μας. Ο ήχος μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί για να αυξήσει τη διάθεσή μας και να αυξήσει την ενέργειά μας, να σταθεροποιήσει το μυαλό μας και να δημιουργήσει εστίαση ή να μας επιτρέψει να χαλαρώσουμε διανοητικά και σωματικά.

Θα ασκήσουμε τη χρήση ήχων για διαφορετικές επιδράσεις σε φυσικές στάσεις και κινήσεις, αναπνευστικές ασκήσεις και διαλογισμό.

Θα λάβετε επίσης ένα έγγραφο με τις πληροφορίες για να ασκείστε στο σπίτι σας.

Αυτές οι διδασκαλίες ευθυγραμμίζονται με την παράδοση Krishnamacharya, όπως μου την παρεδωσε ο δάσκαλός μου, Paul Harvey, και δεν περιέχουν θρησκευτικό νόημα.

Τιμή: 27 € Περιορίζεται σε μόλις 6 άτομα.
Για να διατηρήσετε τη θέση σας ή για περισσότερες πληροφορίες επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου απευθείας στο ή στείλτε μου απαντηση εδώ.

An introduction to the use of sound in the practice of yoga.

Sound has a powerful effect on our body and mind and when used appropriately it is an excellent tool in our path. Sound can be used to uplift our mood and increase our energy, stabilize our mind and create focus, or allow us to relax mentally and physically.

We will practice the use of sounds for different effects in physical postures and movements, breathing exercises and meditation.

You will also receive a document with the information for you to practice at home.

These teachings are in line with the tradition of Krishnamacharya as imparted to me by my teacher Paul Harvey and do not contain religious meaning.

Price: 27€ Limited to only 6 people.
For reserving your place or more information contact me directly on or send me a post here.

There is a Poetry to Life

There is a Poetry to life, a Divine Comedy of exquisite learning material.

With our ignorant eyes we create drama,

painting impossible restrictions on the walls of our senses.

we bathe in fear and launch unending  if´s and must´s and only´s and when´s and

we hide behind our churches of scientific reason and

we hide under our beds of religious beliefs.

Yes there is a Poetry to Life, but not all poems are of it.

Don´t you Know? Every moment in this physical experience of Me

Every breath in this Cosmos, the ultimate playing-field of Conscience,

Is pure Poetry for the senses,

every movement is a new line of expressed existence,

every Realization a new page of unspeakable Beauty…

What of emotions and feelings!? are they not the winds that carry your boat across?

What boat do you build?

Build it to Your image

And navigate each word of Your Poem through this mighty sea we call life!

Ivan P.B. do Amaral  (foto by Luis Filipe Amaral)

Extended Moments

There is a process in yoga practice….a process that takes us from practicing yoga to being in yoga. As a teacher, my yoga practice is also teaching, connecting with the fellow beings that share the space and intent with me. To guide them and allow them to guide me…like a deep conversation that takes us into gradually more common ground of being until sometimes i find myself in this state of sublime and subtle feeling of openness, love, connection… it is not easy to put into words, it is not something that hits me suddenly, it is more like a subtle wave on the warm water of the Mediterranean sea that gently approaches immersing you gradually in its glory and only gradually passes by when your attention starts go move somewhere else.

There is a process in yoga, and in that process we gradually move deeper in the postures, in the breath, in the focus, in the mind…until you realize you are fully immersed in this sea of life,… of existence,… of something that your rational mind cannot possibly comprehend, because it does not need to.

So the other day in one of our small classes, this happened, it had been a while for me, i think last time i experienced this intensity in the role of teaching was in Harpenden (UK) at the spa Breathing space. In my daily life this inner feeling had been growing lately, although not in a steady way and it finally found its expression in the class.

I rambled enough, i mainly wanted to share a poem that i was inspired to write after the class, and more importantly give my grateful regards to the wonderful beings that shared this class with me. To you i dedicate this poem:

“when the heart is gently opened
when the ground is felt in its supportive role
when the back flows and stands in all it´s might
when the mind is steady, uncluttered, without judgement, in the seat of the soul
the Light that is us can shine from the pale exterior of our physical appearance
And Beauty comes forth
And the Voice of our Soul is free to soar vibrating for all existence.”

Ivan Amaral


p.s. for those interested i posted 3 small videos of this class showing a few modified postures and the bhavana of the class, in my youtube channel.

Is Happiness important?

I guess that if you think about your loved ones you would agree that their happiness is important to you, after all you probably feel good when they are happy. What about you? Is your happiness important? I mean, does it matter to you if you are happy? Does it matter for our society if you are happy?

Because of everything that is happening specially in Greece and Europe I was really interested in the scientific perspective that answers these questions.

Well, there is an increasing amount of research that is giving really good answers to these questions. To such an extent that in 2012 the United Nations established the International Day of Happiness on the 20th of March of each year.

What researchers have found is that people that are generally happier or have higher levels of well-being are more sociable and have more energy than people that report being less happy. They are generally more charitable and cooperative, and perhaps not surprisingly more liked by others.

In fact there is evidence that the thinking process of people that are generally happier is substantially more flexible and ingenuous. In relation to work they show greater levels of productivity, they are better leaders, better negotiators and possibly as a result they earn more money.

In terms of health and the ability to face difficulties happier people also have a considerable advantage. They are more resilient in the face of hardship, have stronger immune systems, are physically healthier and live longer.

So it is an advantage to be a generally happy person! But I have to wander, are these people happy and therefore they experience these benefits? Or: some people have these characteristics anyway and because of that, they experience generally happier lives?

So what I really want to know is this: If I increase my happiness levels in general, do I start experiencing higher levels of these characteristics? Short & Simple answer: YES!

So, what do you think? In light of this knowledge is it relevant for you and me to be happier in our lives for the improvement of our society?

Here is the Mothership of all questions: Can we increase our happiness? YES! HOW?

The answer to that is not as simple as one may think but we will start to explore it on the next blog on this topic.


(Original version of this article was published in it´s Greek version on the newspaper Ανατολή)

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a practical philosophy emphasizing all aspects of human life. There are no requirements to practice yoga, no specific believes or physical attributes. It´s content is universal and vast in techniques.  That is probably why yoga has become so popular and also why there has been so much misunderstanding in our society and with religious authorities. Yoga is not a religion and it does not oppose religion.  Yoga is one of the six Indian systems of thought. As such it is described in the text “Yoga Sutra” (500BCE-500CE) although the word yoga and its practices are found across older texts with some scholars placing its origins around 9000 years ago.

The confusion comes from the wide variety of schools that teach yoga. Many of these schools come from a monastic tradition and teach yoga from within the perspective of a specific religion or philosophy, that tend to focus on a limited type of practices. These may range from physical exercises, to meditation, support groups, community service, chanting, drawing, etc. The difference is not in the yoga itself but in the belief system that the teacher or school has. In the west there are many schools coming from a monastic tradition but the majority come from a family lineage that teach yoga without mixing other perspectives allowing the student to develop the yoga practice within his/hers own believe system.

Simply put Yoga practice develops a state of mental clarity from which we act. These actions lead us to and help maintain a state of deep inner happiness. In order to bring these about there are many techniques and variations. You can learn you either in group classes or by working individually with a teacher. In group classes the most common techniques used tend to be physical postures to bring equilibrium and health to the body and promote mental stability. Breathing exercises to work the mind more directly to develop emotional stability and the meditation process to sharpen the mind and go beyond it.

When working individually with a teacher the practice is developed taking into consideration how you are physically, mentally, spiritually and what your purpose for the practice is. If all you want is to deal with back pain the practice may, involve simple physical postures to balance your body physically and energetically and simple mental exercises.  If you would like to develop your body and mind to their full potential then your practice will develop into more complex techniques that would not be possible within the general group setting. Yoga can help as a complementary therapy with many issues (e.g. weight loss, stress, depression, concentration, physical pains, constipation, poor digestion, anger, etc).

The benefits of yoga are tremendous but highly dependent of what you do and how you do it, it is not a simple formula that you apply to every person. My suggestion is for you to try different classes or teachers and choose the one you connect better with at this moment in time. Group classes have great energy and allow you to develop a support group while individual sessions really optimize your potential regardless of your starting point.

Ivan P.B.doAmaral (Originally published article in Aνατολή newspaper in Greek)