Yoga Therapy can be described as helping a person experiencing difficulties with the tools of yoga.

These challenges may be physical, mental, emotional, energetic or/and spiritual.

Specific techniques and principles of Yoga & Ayurveda are used to develop an individualized course of treatment to assist the individual. Although treatments vary considerably, usually there is a practice that the individual takes home to “take/apply” for a specific period.

The practice will vary according to individual constitution, level of the problems, life style, ability, likes & dislikes, spiritual beliefs, and many more variables. The treatments/practice always requires some sort of action which may include some adapted movements/positions, breathing, sound work, meditations, lifestyle changes and/or application of philosophical principles. Practices are always within the capability of the individual and with mutual agreement.

My studies in yoga therapy were (and continue) with Paul Harvey. He follows the teachings of his teacher Desikachar which learned with his teacher & father Krishnamacharya. Recently the International Association of Yoga Therapists recognized my studies and professional experience and awarded me their certificate as yoga therapist.

I also have much influence from my studies in exercise science and my many years of experience working with individuals with exercise therapy in the fitness setting.


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