As i think back through the years, right back into that first massage course i took at Barnfield Colledge in Luton (U.K.) much as changed in almost everything i do in this role. One learns the techniques and one practices, and one learns more and practices more and so on it went for almost 20 years now.

To be honest i never gave it much thought, sometimes i would not be able to use these skills professionally for months. But eventually here i am, and at this moment massaging and energy work for me blend together, i work with each person within a loose structure were some basic rules are applied, but for the most it is intuitive. As a great colleague ( and at least for my part a great friend) used to say “May the tissue be your guide!”

So my massages can be either Traditional Thai or the oil based on the couch treatment. In my massages i use energy work techniques and non-denominational prayer to assist the process and to assist me being in tune with what each person needs. The oils i use are made by me or my wife using mostly biological oils and essential oils. I sometimes recommend movement practices due to my experience in that area as well. My purpose with each treatment is to provide the assistance so that the person regains full independence. Each massage is for me a practice of connection and the opportunity to go beyond myself.

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