Ai Chi is an effective and accessible way of harmonizing the energy of the body and relax mental & physical tension. It can be described as a form of aquatic exercise based on ancient energy principles that increase oxygen consumption and focus on a smooth flow of specific movements and progressions that promote mobility, balance, breath control and concentration. It is relevant and equally accessible to the healthy individual looking to remain balanced in today’s challenges, and to the person requiring therapeutic interventions.

Ai-Chi was created and is still championed by Jun Konno of the Water Dynamics Institute, Japan. The best way of learning Ai-Chi is through a certified teacher.

This method is now being used across the globe and with its variety of applications four separate forms have been developed:

Ai Chi

Sequence of 19 Movements performed within an aquatic environment (preferably heated) with the water below the shoulder level. The movements are unassisted and flow from one to the next with increasing levels of complexity.

Ai Chi Ne: Supported Flow

Ai Chi Ne is a sequence of assisted movements and stretches involving 2 persons, were one person physically assists the other. It was developed out of the need for a more supportive roll of the instructor/therapist with some clients, and has become popular also in the recreational setting as part of group aquatic classes.

Wall Ai Chi: Safety & Self-Massage

Wall Ai Chi involves a sequence of movements with the support of the swimming pool wall and full body Self Massage. This sequence is particularly important for individuals that feel uncomfortable in the aquatic environment, and for those that would like to practice or instruct meridian based self-massage in the water. The Self-Massage can also be performed outside the water.

Ground Ai Chi: Land Flow

Ground Ai Chi is the modification & application of the Ai Chi movements to the land setting.

If you would like to learn Ai-Chi for your own well-being feel free to contact me either to teach you or to direct you towards a qualified teacher in your area.

If you would like to teach Ai-Chi you can come to one of my teacher training courses and workshops, or if you live far from me get in contact and I will find the person responsible for Ai-Chi in your country.

Say tuned to this space, I will be sharing more information on the practice of Ai-Chi, and details for workshops and online courses.