Yes You Can

yes you can move beyond the feeling of panic, being stressed, overwhelmed, lonely, in despair. You have the ability to be relaxed, focused, calm and active, working and living with a sense of joy and purpose. In fact you can even live in a state of loving connection with the reality of who you are as a being, as a creative arm of the Universe, an expression of the Divine in action. But there is more, because you can experience the mystical life that is the connection with the Beloved, to be taken in the arms of all that is and fly above all you ever thought was possible. To open your eyes and see God in all, to close your eyes and be taken in ecstatic embrace by Love itself. And one day to consciously transcend into truth and realise that the Universe sees through your eyes, God thinks through your brain, Divine Universal Truth Wills you through your very Spirit into every cell of your bare bones as you are Life and God and Universe in Full Flowing Creative Expression in a Mystery that is Everything that ever was and ever will be.

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