There is a Poetry to Life

There is a Poetry to life, a Divine Comedy of exquisite learning material.

With our ignorant eyes we create drama,

painting impossible restrictions on the walls of our senses.

we bathe in fear and launch unending  if´s and must´s and only´s and when´s and

we hide behind our churches of scientific reason and

we hide under our beds of religious beliefs.

Yes there is a Poetry to Life, but not all poems are of it.

Don´t you Know? Every moment in this physical experience of Me

Every breath in this Cosmos, the ultimate playing-field of Conscience,

Is pure Poetry for the senses,

every movement is a new line of expressed existence,

every Realization a new page of unspeakable Beauty…

What of emotions and feelings!? are they not the winds that carry your boat across?

What boat do you build?

Build it to Your image

And navigate each word of Your Poem through this mighty sea we call life!

Ivan P.B. do Amaral  (foto by Luis Filipe Amaral)

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