Easter Yoga in Crete, Greece

April 12th to 14th (3 days)
April 19th to 21st (3 days)
April 8th to 14th (7 days)
April 15th to 21st (7 days)

Open to only three people (not complete beginners) per group/dates.

These are Yoga Coaching Retreats were I will be able to give you the appropriate support within the intimacy of a very small group setting. Personal boundaries are respected and adjustments are gentle and effective. Due to the nature of these retreats I will not work with standard class programs. Each practice and teachings shared will be largely determined by the participants.

The Three days Retreats include three Yoga Sessions of three hours each. The Seven days Retreats include seven Yoga Sessions of two hours each. The Yoga Sessions will include asana, pranayama, dharana-dhyana, chanting and yoga sutra (at least…).

The classes follow the tradition of Krishnamacharya as passed down by his son Desikachar and my teacher Paul Harvey (the viniyoga of yoga approach), with influences from my own background in Exercise Science and studies in several other relevant areas (eg. Happiness, Movement, Philosophy, Spirituality).

Classes are in the morning giving you the day to enjoy the many local beaches (one of them within 2 minutes walking distance) and the town of Agios Nikolaos (we are located within the town). Traditional restaurants and small Hotels are within walking distance from the Yoga Shala. 
I would love to talk to you to explain any details you would like clarified. For that send me a message here. If you would like to talk directly with me send me a message to organize a time.

The price for the 3 days Retreats is: 175€ – This price includes only Yoga tuition.
Book until the 5th of April and pay only 150€ (valid for the dates of 12th to the 14th of April).

Book until the 14th of April and pay only 150€ (valid for the dates of 19th to the 21st of April).

The price for the 7 days Retreats is: 350€ – This price includes only Yoga tuition.
Book until the 1st of April and pay only 297€ (valid for the dates of 8th to the 14th of April)

Book until the 8th of April and pay only 297€ (valid for the dates of 15th to the 21st of April)

Reserve your place now by sending me a message!

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