Extended Moments

There is a process in yoga practice….a process that takes us from practicing yoga to being in yoga. As a teacher, my yoga practice is also teaching, connecting with the fellow beings that share the space and intent with me. To guide them and allow them to guide me…like a deep conversation that takes us into gradually more common ground of being until sometimes i find myself in this state of sublime and subtle feeling of openness, love, connection… it is not easy to put into words, it is not something that hits me suddenly, it is more like a subtle wave on the warm water of the Mediterranean sea that gently approaches immersing you gradually in its glory and only gradually passes by when your attention starts go move somewhere else.

There is a process in yoga, and in that process we gradually move deeper in the postures, in the breath, in the focus, in the mind…until you realize you are fully immersed in this sea of life,… of existence,… of something that your rational mind cannot possibly comprehend, because it does not need to.

So the other day in one of our small classes, this happened, it had been a while for me, i think last time i experienced this intensity in the role of teaching was in Harpenden (UK) at the spa Breathing space. In my daily life this inner feeling had been growing lately, although not in a steady way and it finally found its expression in the class.

I rambled enough, i mainly wanted to share a poem that i was inspired to write after the class, and more importantly give my grateful regards to the wonderful beings that shared this class with me. To you i dedicate this poem:

“when the heart is gently opened
when the ground is felt in its supportive role
when the back flows and stands in all it´s might
when the mind is steady, uncluttered, without judgement, in the seat of the soul
the Light that is us can shine from the pale exterior of our physical appearance
And Beauty comes forth
And the Voice of our Soul is free to soar vibrating for all existence.”

Ivan Amaral


p.s. for those interested i posted 3 small videos of this class showing a few modified postures and the bhavana of the class, in my youtube channel.

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